8 Years Down

Today Glen and I celebrate 8 happy years of marriage. We thank the Lord for His guidance and His grace in our lives. It truly is wondeful to be in a christian marriage, where we both answer to God - I know that we would not have the wonderful relationship that we have if it were not for His grace. Even though we have had our ups and downs, God has brought us through them all, and our love for Him and each other is stronger and more sure. We pray that God would continue to work in our lives as we seek to be a better picture of what marriage is supposed to signify - Christ and His bride.

My mom-in-law blessed us with some money for our anniversary, which we decided to use to 'upgrade' our bathroom - so I had some fun today buying some new towels - thanks Mom!

As you know Glen got me a pamper day - which I enjoyed tremendously - to make me look better...and so I got Glen a punching bag and gloves...to make him look better!! I'll take a picture of that when Glen has hung it up.


Michelle Jamie said...

Happy Aniversary!! We were married for 7 years this past April.

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