Higher! Higher!

We had my in-laws over for supper last night, and of course they came early to spend as much time with their grandkids as possible. You would never say that they are getting on in years - they truly are an inspiration to me of how much energy I want when I am their age. The girls enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with Grandpa and later granny even amused us all with her attempts on the jumping machine.
"Higher Grandpa, Higher!"

Here's Granny Zan finishing off the Barbie scarves the girls knitted during their granny time - she's just diligently putting the tassles on.

Finally - a photo where Glen looks relatively normal for a change...I didn't post the picture before this one...I'm sure you've seen enough of his funny faces...

I figured that you would all enjoy a good little giggle - not at her of course, but with her!


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