Dead spring craft

Yesterday was the first of a new weekly get-together I have arranged with a young mom and her son from our church. We have decided to do what I used to do with Lara, Aidan and Paige. So, one week we will get together at my place, the kids will play and we will chat and then we do a simple craft together, the next week we will go there, and she will organize the's a great way to fellowship, for the kids to play, and for us to be forced to plan a fun activity for the kids.

The kids played nicely together, but as usual, because of the lack of boys toys in our house, little Rogan ended up playing with dolls...sorry Rogie.

Rachel's craft...
Amanda's craft...

Straight after our time together yesterday, we had to rush to get ourselves ready for ice-skating, and so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of their spring treasure hunt what you see here is a dead spring craft, as the flowers have all wilted...sorry about that, they looked a lot perkier yesterday...anyway, at least you can see what we did. The kids had to go and find things in the garden to complete the spring day poster. I'm not so sure how much the kids enjoyed it, but I must say, I thought it was great fun!


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