Lunch with the Gilberts

After Sunday's lovely service we went to the restaurant which had been voted the best restaurant...whether that is in Krugersdorp, or Gauteng, or S.A. I am not really sure, but in my estimation it was definately the best restaurant I have been to in a long time. The food was absolutely delicious, and the service was outstanding...only thing I had against it was that they were not really child-friendly - no coloring in pages, no play place etc...but I guess not all restaurants can cater for everything.
Trying to get the children to behave is one thing...but how can we get Glen to behave?

This is little Rogan, sitting inbetween the girls - he sure is a busy little boy, but in spite of there not being anything for him to do, he was well behaved and did find things to keep him busy...up and down, up and down. I think that if the Lord was to ever bless us with a son I would really need to pick my socks up - I could use the exercise!

This is Rachelle - a good friend of mine here at KBC. She has a heart of gold and really loves the Lord. I am always blown away at her teachable spirit and humility - such a blessing to me in particular, but of course to our whole family as well.

Melanie and Jay-Jay are Rogan's parents. Melanie is Rachelle's older sister. They are a lovely family in our church. They are so faithful in trying to bring little Rogie up in the way of the Lord. Every Sunday he has learned his memory verse for the children's time in church...and so we know that his mom is making the effort to teach him God's Word. We praise the Lord for families like this who take God seriously about raising children God's way. Jay-Jay is the secretary of the church, and serves the church faithfully, even though he works really hard and long hours. It's wonderful to have men who give God their all!

The waitresses could see that the girls were struggling to not be bored and so invited them to help them lay the table next to ours. The girls were so thrilled and learned how to fold napkins etc. They were rewarded with four mints each for their efforts - cool hey?

This is Peter and Lilliana Gilbert. They have been such a blessing to us in our ministry here. They truly have made us feel so welcomed and loved. Peter is currently a deacon in the church and Lilliana is the Sunday School Superintendent. I can see that they really love the church and love God's Word! They are always so eager to learn and grow! It's such a blessing to minister to them, and just be their friends. God truly has blessed us in giving us good friends in this ministry!


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