All sisters together

On the spur of the moment I decided to go and visit my dad and Geraldine (my little sister) in Alberton yesterday. It turned out that Claudia (my big sister) and her boyfriend Barry were also going, so it ended up being a lovely get together around the pool, with really good food - like usual!

Here Geraldine is choosing her playlist for the day...good music always sets the tone of any get-together...

This is my dad...enjoying having all his daughters with him...a real treat, as this doesn't happen often.

Rachel, risking the cold water....

Barry...enduring all the girls around...

Amanda and Claudia posing for the 'blue eyes' photo...just lovely!
All in all a wonderful relaxing day...braaiing, swimming, chatting, eating! I even ate beerbread for the first time, and it was really delicious, so I am looking forward to making my own at the next braai we have - thanks for the recipe Gerri!


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