God's Ways Work!

I have had such a bad day today - I have really been a miserable mean mom! I have really blown it with my girls on every turn. I have been irritable, quick tempered and have not given them the love that they have so craved from me. Oh how I hate my sin!
But I must tell you that my God is so gracious - he has given me two daughters who are so forgiving and understanding. When I, in my weakness, asked them for forgiveness, they both gave me a big hug and told me that they forgive me and that was that, over, never to be mentioned again! I am so blessed with such loving girls! Most of all I am blessed how God's ways work! God says that when we sin we must fix it, we must repent of our sin and ask for forgiveness. God says that we must forgive seventy times seven - Oh, this family would fall apart if it weren't for God holding it together by His powerful Word! Thank you Father!

Before bed the girls were feeling silly and asked me to take pictures of them for the blog, so here they are - my precious blessings!


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