We need more security

When I was uploading I found two pics on my camera which I never took...now I have a criminal on my hands...hmmm...who could it be? These were the pictures taken...

the first one obviously not a professional photo, the mystery person obviously doesn't know much about cameras, and probably didn't even realise that he/she was taking the photo...that rules out Glen (the only other adult in the house)...I guess that it could only be a she then - Amanda or Rachel. The second photo was an improvement on the first as it actually had a subject and so, this mystery criminal daughter is now enjoying this new found 'hobby' and testing out her abilities. I guess she packed it away after this pic thinking that she might get caught in the act - not thinking that she left evidence for me to find! I later did find out that it was Amanda - yes she disobeyed, but I also realised that she wants to be like her mommy, who is always taking pictures lately for this blog - I will need to get them move involved so that she doesn't feel like she has to go behind my back. Lessons learned for us both!

Regarding other criminals, Alex, a deacon in our church has fitted a gate in our passage to give us extra security at night.

So it won't keep out the resident criminals, only the non-residents ones.


Michelle Jamie said...

We recently put up electric fencing and put an alarm system in our house!

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