Hobo Fun

Every now and then the Sunday School hosts a fun evening at the church on a Friday night. This time it was Hobo night. There would be prizes given for the best dressed hobo, hobo family etc. Of course, wanting to set an example of complete commitment we went all out to look the part.

The girls not only looked the part, but acted it so well...

We asked Pinky to take a picture of us...she couldn't help but laugh...she said "You guys look so ugly!"...what a compliment!

The girls were not the only ones who completely got in character, as you can imagine, Glen had a total ball...he was even lying in the parking lot outside the church waiting for everyone to arrive...I hope he didn't scare anyone away...
Michael, the youth leader gave a great gospel message, using the hobo theme...talking about us being completely dependent like children and realizing that how we looked on the outside (as hobos) was our spiritual condition without Christ. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Rogan won the prize for the youngest hobo, and Jay-Jay won the prize for the dirtiest hobo...

They even had them rummaging through the garbage to find food...marie biscuits, which we then used for a fun activity...

With regards to the prizes, Amanda won a prize because she ate the most dog food - it looked like dog food, smelled like dog food, we were told it was dog food, but after the 'pass the parcel' game...which was really terrifying, we were told that it was made of weet-bix, orange jelly and nutty choloate...who would've though!
Rachel won the prize for the most believable hobo...we all had to do a little performance, and she just acted so sad, dragging her rag-doll behind her, as she told the judges that she didn't have a home and she didn't have a mommy...they were almost in tears.
I won the prize for the "best dressed" lady hobo. Glen won the prize for the best dressed male hobo...and he won the prize for the best overall hobo! Well done Love!!!
We ended the evening with a song - Jehovah Jireh. God truly has provided for us in sending His only Son to take upon Himself our sin. He has fully paid our debt, He has given us His perfect life as a free gift and in Him we have every spiritual blessing it the heavenly places. Hallelujah!

For those of you who enjoy Glen's acting, you should enjoy this!


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