Music & Butterflies

We had a special treat during our snack time yesterday as the O60 (Over 60s) group had a music-filled morning as 4 musicians entertained them with some classic classics. The musicians themselves were elderly, which made it just up their alley. It is wonderful to see how these older saints use their gifts to encourage one another in the Lord.

This is Jerry, he is a deacon in our church and such a blessing! He is an on-fire German-speaking lover of God from Namibia. It really is wonderful for me to see and be in fellowship with a German Christian. Usually, they have the reputation of being hard and generally unemotional - Jerry is not like that at all, God has completely changed his life and he is now full of the joy of the Lord. It really is encouraging to see how different Christians are!

This is Pricilla, she is the lady who faithfully organizes the music at our church every Sunday. She plays the piano and the acordion - she organized this O60 event.

This is Betty, full of the joy of the Lord - she is such an encouragement to me! She always tells me how blessed she is after the Ladies Bible Study. It is such a blessing when you can see older saints still learning and growing in the Lord after many years of being a Christian.

In the afternoon the girls went to Melanie's home for craft and play. She had organized a lovely craft for them which they got cracking on as soon as we got there. First they painted a clothes peg green and let it dry. Then they stuck on green wings which they had to decorate...the fun part...then feelers and eyes...and...(drum roll)...a beautiful butterfly to hold their memory verse each week which they get during the children's talk in church. A beautiful but practical craft - I love it!

Thanks Melanie for a wondeful afternoon!!!


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