Our day off started off really well, after two weeks of not being able to take the dogs for a walk, due to Clyde having an injury, we were finally able to take them for their much-loved outing. This is fast becoming one of our most enjoyable family day events...for the WHOLE family! Clyde coped very well even though he is not 100% healed yet...we didn't let him push himself too hard!

After our morning exercise, we went out for the morning, the girls really wanted to go and see a movie which we have been itching to see since we saw the trailer, and so we all went to see 'Up'. I must tell you that this is a must-see! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it - Glen even shed a tear...although for those of you who know Glen, this is to be expected, he really has a soft heart. The rest of the day was spent at home, just relaxing...doing as little as possible!

In typical Monday tradition, Glen enjoys time with the girls on the trampoline. This has become their favorite game...please note the un-planned sound effect in the background...the motorbike really just made the right sound for this clip!....Boiiiiing!

When Craig and Lara left for Australia, they blessed us with their jungle-gym (which we are so thankful for), anyway, while I was sitting outside watching the girls and Glen on the trompoline I noticed a hosepipe connection under the slide! Glen said that he always knew it was there, but it was a total surprise to me, and to the girls. When they found out that the slide could become a water slide, they were absolutely delighted! They rushed off to put on their cozzies and Glen organized the was the perfect ending to a perfect day! I praise the Lord for the little thigns that He has given us to enjoy as a family.


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