Herbs, Flowers and Lavender bags

Being Friday, it was time for our second gardening adventure. Since last week we could already see our little seeds germinating and peeking out their little leaves above the soil. I must say that it has been really exciting to see what would come up, and it is very rewarding seeing the 'fruit-to-be' of your labour.

Here the pots are all ready to get some herbs planted in them. Just so that you know, we put little rocks at the base of these pots for better drainage. Little things like that are really obvious to avid gardeners, but to someone like me, I am learning every little thing as I go...

In the veggie patch we planted some lettuce seedlings. My mom wanted to show the girls a different way of gardening than just planting seeds...this kind was more work but I think they enjoyed seeing the little plants in their little patch after they were done. Rachel already started asking me when she could start picking for the salad...

Here she is pushing down the soil around her little lettuce plant, and being very careful not to disturb the rows of seeds we had planted the week before.

In our other patch, where we planted the gooseberries, tomatoes, basil and rocket, we planted seom tomato plants as well - both the cherry tomatoes and the normal ones. We also planted 6 rows of different flowers in our flower patch making sure that the tallest ones were planted at the back and the shortest ones in the front. They are all a mix of all sorts of pretty flowers which the girls are going to have fun picking!

Here's a pot with some coriander - the other herb pots got seeds. Isn't that little frog cute? Well his purpose is actually the same as the bottles that we had placed in the garden, it has a little opening at the back so you can fill it with water, and then it lets the water slowly seep into the soil to keep it moist - very clever, and attractive. We also planted a hardy rosemary bush in the garden, which I am really looking forward to start using in my cooking.

After our gardening time, my mom asked the girls to help her make little lavender bags as gifts for her clients. So they got to work adding the lavender from our bush to the salt, mixing it together (making sure that there are no sticks) and then filling the bags. I thought that it was a really great way of making something special for someone special and just really industrious at the same time. Which girl doesn't like lavender bath salts in her bath?

The girls are learning so many new skills, they are really blessed to have grannies who make the time to build into their lives. It's really great to be able to make them a part of the girl's homeschooling and at the same time making many memories and building good relationships with these special people in their lives!


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