Well Fed

Glen is preaching a series on Leviticus - which as you know is full of sacrifices, offerings etc. in the mornings. I have been so blessed at seeing the significance of this book for us today. It has really unlocked the New Testament for me in many ways, and has definately given me a greater appreciation for our Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to begin to understand the types and shadows in the Old Testament to fully marvel at the fulfillment in Christ in the New Testament....God's Word is just so awesome! I can see that the church is feeling well fed as they feast on God's word on the Lord's Day. Praise the Lord!

After church we went to the Gilberts to be fed physically - on meat...lots of it!

Peter worked so hard braaiing pretty much all afternoon - while the rest of us just chilled out around the pool...

...playing some sort of cricket game...

...trying to fly this toy helicopter...that thing was going the whole afternoon as well, I think everyone must have had a turn with that thing...it's not as easy as it looks!

Here Glen is...just looking handsome...I caught him off guard...no funny face today!!!

The girls would have preferred to be completely covered by the cool water - it's pretty much summer weather here already, I guess I'll have to take out their costumes!

Isn't this just a lovely looking tree? Well, I found out that this is called the 'Flowering Peach'. It looks so similar to a peach tree actually, but it has these pink flowers instead of the ordinary blossoms. Lilliana said that once the flowers have all fallen off, then it gets it's leaves. By the way, it doesn't actually bare any fruit...so it's not actually a peach tree at all.


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