Oh happy day!

This picture is especially for Craig, Lara, Aidan and Paige, just so that they can see that Bonnie is still happy here with us - don't you just love that smile?

Today was a public holiday. We usually don't take public holiday's but because we are on holiday (with regards to homeschooling) and because Glen is not preaching this Sunday, and because of the nature of our doings today, we had a day off with new friends. We just had a simple boerewors braai with delicious simple green salad, and lots of great fellowship around my favourite subject - the Kingdom of God!

Here's Jacque, inspriring Glen with high jumps on the trampoline....

...and here, Glen attempting the same move...not so skillfully...you gotta love him for trying!!!

Rachel enjoying being played with - the simple joys in life - what a blessing!


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